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Independent awesome Instrumental Hip Hop
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New┬áRagga Remix of Si Begg’s Move up from his LP Directors Cut

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May 2011 05

Back in the day, early 2000, Aaron and Matt would Eff off to Matts parents place on Bowen Island. They would setup some mics and plug in a bass or a guitar and they would record for a whole week. They had so much fun creating and recording time would fly by. These projects were called the Missing Week Recordings.
We realized the best way to record our next album is to adopt this “Shack-Man/Missing Week” style. The crazy idea was that the band would rent a cabin on an island and record our next EP. For the month of November back in 2006, after many calls to B’n’Bs and cabins we settled for a whole month at Bodega Ridge. Its was a great month filled with exercise, booze, food, music, marijuana, mushrooms, getting lost and recording. We would block out all the digital clocks, but only the hour, so we only knew what minute is was. XX:34. We had a silent day where no one spoke and we invited peeps to stay with us to be creative, what ever it looked like to them. We found old abandoned water tanks and encourage our friends to jam on and inside it while we hit the record button. We walked away with MORE than enough material that then need to be edited, cleaned, mixed and mastered.

We’ve all been physically fragmented at the moment, so as a unit we haven’t been creating much. Aaron is really busy recording with GGGarth Richardson of the Red Hot Chilly Peppers – Mothers Milk fame. The 8 year project Run GMC is a Country / Alt.Country / Trucker band. Matt Van Dyke has been regularly playing with Swan, a rock band thats been making some serious headway and killed it last month supporting 80’s sex filled glam rock band Steel Panther. Dany just recently won a Leo Award for best music in a documentary series or program. He’s also begun Simulcast Recordings. A record label dedicated to putting out great downtempo, instrumental hip hop recordings.

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Apsci-See that Feat Mr Lif-FNDMNTL RMX (free download) by fndmntl on SoundCloud

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